American Wagyu KURO Brisket

American Wagyu KURO Brisket


Wagyu Excelente grass fed brewers grain finished briskets are the American Dream.  Deep in the heart of Texas, the Gearhart and HiView ranches raise the highest quality of American Wagyu herds.  Full blood Tajima bulls are crossed with Black Angus.  The Wagyu Excelente KURO brisket is competition grade and a secret weapon for the back yard pitmaster who wants the best quality All Natural American Wagyu beef.


  • Each Brisket weighs approximately 10 to 12 pounds
  • Ships frozen, vacuum sealed, on dry ice
  • Packer Cut including Point, Flat, and Fat Cap
  • No Hormones, No Subtherapeutic Antibiotics

Please note, due to natural variations in our cattle, weight of actual product may vary.

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