Gearhart Ranch Fort Davis, TX map

The Gearhart Ranch in Fort Davis, Texas has been in continuous operation as a cattle ranch since 1890. Covering 32,000 acres over an abundance of native grasslands in the Davis Mountains in a historically productive cattle country in Texas. Our traditions are the same as they were 100 years ago. The Gearhart is operated by an excellent outfit of third and fourth generation cattlemen. We pride ourselves in working hard and being good stewards of the land and cattle. 

We follow a holistic livestock management plan to sustain healthy grassland systems which enhance the soil with essential nutrients. When soil is healthy, it is rich with organic matter that absorbs water, pulling it down and replenishing the water table.  

Our holistic livestock management simulates natural herd action which is essential to plant grazing and nutrient and water recycling and distribution. By simulating the density and mobility of wild grazers we restore a natural ecological balance. Our sustainable approach achieves greater economic, social, and environmental results.  By preserving and restoring our native grassland ecosystems we in turn grow healthier Wagyu cattle. The Gearhart and Hi View ranches proudly raise the highest grades of American Wagyu beef. 

We adhere to humane animal management practices from birth to harvest. At our custom USDA facility animals are unloaded and held in an environment based on a design by Temple Grandin, providing optimum humane care. Temple Grandin’s holding pen designs are highly respected worldwide. Humane harvest is the conscious effort to decrease suffering and ensure that slaughter is conducted through a careful process.