Chef Kent Rathbun grills Wagyu Excelente at his Dallas area home. 

Chef Kent Rathbun Grills Wagyu Excelente, On the Way to "Taste of the NFL" in Houston

Chef Kent Rathbun grilled Wagyu Excelente NY Strip and Ribeye for Dallas morning news on the Eye Opener segment with Courtenay DeHoff, at his home.

Kent grew up in Kansas City and was introduced to American beef traditions and the grilling arts at an early age, encouraged by both parents. We are grateful for the results. Kent is widely recognized as an exemplary American chef known for his outstanding restaurants Abacus and Jasper's in the Dallas area. His passion for high quality American Wagyu beef - steaks, burgers and BBQ raises backyard cooking culture to new levels. 

Kent, alongside his brother Kevin, team Chef of the Atlanta Falcons, will be grilling Wagyu Excelente for the "Taste of the NFL" event at the University of Houston on Feb 4, the day before the Super Bowl."  Taste of the NFL Tickets are still on sale.


The Way Beef is Meant to Taste


Deep in the heart of Texas, the Gearhart Ranch produces one of the finest brands of American Wagyu beef.  Our full blood Japanese black bulls are crossed with Angus cows, to produce a beef with mouth watering flavor, fantastic marbling, tender feel and a terrific dining experience. 

Wagyu has the distinction of being the #1 marbling breed in the world. This marbling is high in oleic acid similar to olive oil, and has been shown to reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease.  Wagyu marbling contains mono-unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and lower saturated fatty acids (SFA). Think of MUFA as the "good fat" matched with salt and pepper are perfect seasonings to draw out Wagyu Excelente aromatic flavors and juiciness.

Chef Michael Morales at Sunda Chicago, IL

Chef Michael Morales at Sunda
Chicago, IL

Wagyu Excelente at Sunda in Chicago

In the River North neighborhood of Chicago, Sunda is an award-winning restaurant at the vanguard of America‚Äôs New Asian movement showcasing Eastern Asian and Southeast Asian regional cuisine.  

Sunda uses several cuts of Wagyu Excelente on their menu.  

Chef de Cuisine Michael Morales says, "The thing I like about Wagyu Excelente is the value, it's super high quality and the price/cost advantage is right for us.  And there's that taste! You know it right away. So Good!"

Chef Michael Lachowicz prepares Wagyu Excelente on Fox 32 Chicago

Chef Michael Prepares Wagyu Excelente for Fox News Chicago 

Chef Michael Lachowicz of Restaurant Michael in Winnetka, IL prepares a marinated Wagyu Excelente Top Blade Steak for Corey McPherrin of Fox32 in Chicago. Wagyu Excelente is the finest American Wagyu produced by the Gearhart Ranch in Fort Davis, Texas. Wagyu Excelente is grass fed and finished with a natural Wet Brewers Grain. It's an all natural Wagyu beef containing No Antibiotics or Hormones ever. 


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