Great Marbling 
Sumptuous Flavor



The Finest American Wagyu

The Gearhart Ranch crosses fullblood Tajima Bulls with Angus cows, combined for great marbling. Tajima have the highest marbling and are the most finely marbled of Japanese bloodlines.  Tajima is a mountainous region of Japan and it's no wonder our Gearhart Wagyu herd thrives in the arid grasslands of the Davis mountains. 

Wagyu has the distinction of being the #1 marbling breed in the world. This marbling is high in oleic acid, similar to olive oil and has been shown to reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease.  Wagyu marbling contains mono-unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and lower saturated fatty acids (SFA). We refer to MUFA as the "good fat" that matched with salt and pepper are perfect complements to draw out Wagyu Excelente's aromatic flavors and juiciness. 

Wagyu Excelente has a delicious aromatic flavor, tender feel, and the finish is light like olive oil.
— Chef Rick - Chicago